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Monday, February 3, 2014

Free at Last !

   Free at Last ! Well, not exactly free, but at least I'm out of jail again. This makes it my 10th parole violation in the last 22 months. For RSO's on parole in California it's a revolving door. At $116 a day to incarcerate someone in Santa Clara Co. the burden to taxpayers is staggering. I've probably have spent 450 days in co. jail due to parole violations since April of 2012. That comes out to over $50,000 of totally wasted taxpayer monies. Due to Jessica's Law here in CA successful parole is impossible. It still amazes me that no one in the media is reporting on the absolute waste of Jessica's Law and how many millions are spent implicating this insane law. I'm forced to be homeless due to bullshit residential restrictions. Got to run and figure out where I'm going to sleep tonight. Take care my friends. I'm back in the fight !

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