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Friday, December 13, 2013

Forced Homeless in San Jose

    I feel like a Leper. A man without a country. This is all so surreal. Being forced to live on the streets by The State? I still can not get over it and I've been dealing with this nightmare for over 25 years now. How in God's name can The State force someone to live outdoors like an animal? I have family I can live with! Due to Jessica's Law in CA and It's residential restrictions I'm homeless. I have never harmed a child in my life. The woman, Donna Jean Rowland, of Albany, Oregon who falsely accused me in 1985 was 24 years old at the time. She was a serial false accuser who made her false allegation against me for a million dollar lawsuit and I was not the first man this wacko had sent to prison. See The J.A. Story at: . The homeless shelter I am forced to live in has a "lottery" every day at 3:30 pm where only 50 people get in and I hope I make it every night or I am forced to sleep outside in the freezing cold. Recently it was so cold here 4 homeless men died in one night due to exposure. Thank God I had a bed that night. Tonight? Who knows? I could be sleeping outside tonight. Why? When will this nightmare end? The Sex Crime Witch Hunt snared me in It's ever expanding web over 25 year ago. When will this madness stop? I wake up at 4am to charge my GPS Tracking Shackle that is locked onto my ankle because I do not know when I will have the opportunity to charge up again. I have to charge up twice a day for an hour each. It's all I do anymore. Try and figure out where the hell will I find an outlet to use, so The State will not send me back to jail for failure to charge. It is all so unreal. I've got about 10 more months on parole and can finally leave this Police State. Back to Alaska in 2014 !!!

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  1. Hi JA, I'm a reporter for the East Bay Express, and I'm writing about how Jessica's Law has forced thousands of 290 registrants to become homeless for an upcoming cover story. I would very much like to talk to you about your experiences. I can be reached at 209 606 8732 and Hope to hear from you.

    Here is a link to some other things I've written: